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This area contains product sheets, installation instructions, reference charts and tech tips for the proper installation of Flaming River products.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Steering Columns:

Flaming River Steering Column FAQs


Rack and Pinions:

Flaming River Rack and Pinion FAQs


Product Spec Sheets

Rack and Pinion

Power Rack and Pinion Specs Sheet

Manual Rack and Pinion Specs Sheet


Battery Disconnect Switches

Battery Disconnect Switches Specs Sheets


Universal Joints

How to Determine the Correct Universal Joint Size


Installation Instructions and Diagrams

Battery and Electrical:

FR1002 The Little Switch Installation Instructions

FR1003-2 Big Switch with Lever Kit Installation Instructions

FR1044 Big Switch w/ Lock-Out Installation Instructions

FR1044LED Big Switch with LED Installation Instructions

FR1013 Combination Battery & Alternator Kill Switch Instructions

FR1051 / FR1052 Electro-Wizard Installation Instructions

FR1057 Watch Dog Automatic Battery Disconnect Switch Installation Instructions

FR1060 Battery Relocation Kit Installation Instructions

FR1061 Alternator Cable Installation Kit Instructions

1963-85 GM Alternator Installation Instructions


Power Steering:

How to Fill and Bleed Your Power Steering Box and/or Pump


Rack & Pinion:

Custom Power Rack and Pinion Manufacturing Program

Custom Manual Rack and Pinion Manufacturing Program


Steering Columns and Accessories:

Canceling Cam Installation Instructions

Tilt Column Installation Instructions

Designing Your Steering System

How to Determine the Proper Column Length

Steering System Tips and Ordering Information

Custom Tilt Steering Columns - Custom Manufacturing Program

Custom Non-Tilt Roadster Column Order Form

Column Wiring Diagram

Dodge Steering Column Wiring Instructions

Wiring Adapter (FR20118) Diagram

Ignition Plug Set (FR20118-5) Wiring Diagram

Neutral Safety Switch Adjustment and Installation Instructions

Horn Relay Installation Instructions

Micro Dimmer Switch (FR20118-8) Wiring Diagram


Steering Wheels and Accessories:

Steering Wheel and Adapter Installation / Setting Cancelling Cam Position


Universal Joints / Shafts:

Universal Joint Installation Instructions

Positioning U-Joint and Dimple Instuctions for Shaft Installation


How-To & Informational Articles

Steering Columns and Wheels:

Install a Tilt Steering Column and 3 U-Joint System (Classic Chevy Truck)

Install and Replace Tilt Steering Column and Steering Wheel (Jeep Wrangler)

Install A Tilt Steering Column, U-Joints and Shafting (Classic Trucks)

Install a Complete Steering System Above the Steering Box (Off-Road 73-87 Chevy Truck)

Replace and Update Tilt Steering Column (2nd Gen Camaro)

Install a Tilt Steering Column in a Modified F-100 (Classic Trucks)


Rack and Pinion:

Install a Rack and Pinion Steering System (65-70 Mustang)


Steering Boxes and Pumps:

Install a New Steering Box (65-66 Mustang)

Avoiding a Bum Steer with the Flaming River Vega Box

Install Swing Pedals Around a Reversed Corvair-Style Box (Model A Pickup)

Side-Steering Made Simple (with Reversed Corvair-Style Box)


Battery Disconnect:

Did You Know? 6 Facts About the Big Switch

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