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Custom Column and Rack & Pinion Program

Fill in the blanks… We’ll make it your way through our Custom Program. Simply fill out one of our Custom Column forms for a Keyed Tilt Column, Column Shift Column, Floor Shift, Roadster Tilt Column, Roadster Non-Tilt Column or fire up your Hot Rod with just your finger with a Custom Touch Start Column.


Please select from the list below; the option that will best work for your custom build. Fill out the form with all your specifications for the desired product. When complete, you can either email to or fax the completed form to 800-243-5263.Once our team has reviewed the document we will contact you to complete the request or obtain additional info, so we can proceed.


Custom Column Forms: 

We can also get your ride going in the right direction with one of our Custom Rack & Pinion. These are available as Custom Front or Rear Steer Power Rack & Pinion, Rear Steer Omni Manual Rack & Pinion, Front Steer Mustang II Rack & Pinion, Front Steer Pinto Style Rack & Pinion or our Custom Front Steer Pillow Block Mount Manual Rack & Pinion.


Custom Rack & Pinion Forms: