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What is Powder Coating?

We've expanded our operations and opened a custom powder coating facility at our headquarters in Berea, OH. Powder coating is a three-step process that coats an object with a hard finish that is stronger and more durable than paint. Powder coating is also more environmentally friendly than "wet" painting technology, and powder overspray can be collected and re-used for future projects.


The first step in the powder coating process involves degreasing and cleaning the product with aluminum oxide to prepare it for powder coating. The next step is to spray the product with an electrostatically charged pigment powder that adheres to the product and coats it fully. Finally, the product is put in an oven to cure, so the pigmented powder can harden and create the final finish.


Why Use Flaming River for Your Powder Coating Needs?

The advantage of having your Flaming River product powder coated by us is that we do all of the steps in-house. All individual components are properly protected and coated before final assembly. This ensures that the final piece will fit together the way that it was designed to and the final product is not compromised. Our employees know which pieces need to be protected or left out of the powder coating process. For example, internal pieces like oiled or greased parts, plastics, and polymers that might be sensitive to particulates or extreme heat are left out of our powder coating process.


powdercoat tilt columnsWhat Kind of Work Can We Do?

Powder coating services are available for customers looking to customize a Flaming River product they have purchased for their specific project or build. Popular products available for powder coating include steering columns, rack and pinions, steering boxes, and steering column accessories like column mounts and drops and steering wheel adapters.


We have a wide array of colors and shades to complement your vehicle’s interior or exterior. Take a look at the different colors that we offer here.


Click Here for an image gallery of some of the products and customizations that we offer.


Note: We recommend you order the RAL Powder Coat Color Deck (part # FRPC100) to see the actual color swatches. Colors shown on our website may vary slightly from actual color due to computer monitor settings and screen resolution.


For more information about our custom powder coating services, please contact us at 1-800-648-8022.



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