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Microsteer Electric Power Steering Kit W/Speed Sensor

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Microsteer Electric Power Steering Kit W/Speed Sensor

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Flaming River is now offering Microsteer universal Electric Power Assisted Steering system. It can be easily fitted to virtually any vehicle, without the need to change steering rack or fit a hydraulic system where manual steering currently exists.

The unique Microsteer Tuning Box allows you to adjust the amount of assistance by using a rotary potentiometer or, if you prefer, you can make the system speed sensitive by connecting a wheel speed signal to the Tuning Box. A mode selection switch on the box allows you to choose your preferred method, manual or wheel speed.

The input and output shafts of the Microsteer unit are 11/16”-36.

The Microsteer kit includes:

• Motor/Gearbox (MGU)

• Electronic Control Unit (ECU)

• Tuning Box

• Wiring Harness (damage or modification to the harness will result in voided warranty)

FR40200S Speed Sensor

Recomended U-Joint/Coupler

11/16"-36 x 3/4" DD FR1783DD (Billet)

11/16"-36 x 3/4" Smooth FR1948 (Coupler)

Check out what our friends at Modern Rodding were able to accomplish using our Flaming River VDog and our Microsteer kit.


Operating Voltage Nominal 13.8V DC
Maximum Current Draw 30 Amps
Average Current Draw - Amps Less than 2 Amps
System Weight MGU & ECU 9.70lbs/4.4kg
Maximum Torque Output 32Nm/24lb.ft
IP Rating IP67
Operating Temperature -20 to 120C/-4 to 248F
Motor Rated Power 220 Watts
MGU Spline Pattern 11/16"-36 Both Ends

More Information
Weight 8.000000
Shipping Dimensions 16" x 11 x 7"
Warranty 1 Year
(Size: 670.7 KB)
FR40200S Sensor Guide
! California Warning: Cancer & Reproductive Harm –