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Cobra/MGB Manual Rack & Pinion

Part No.: FR1512

Warranty: 1 Year


Rack and Pinion FAQs

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Flaming River now offers an all new manual rack and pinion for the Cobra and early MGB. Although this unit is dimensionally interchangeable with the original MGB rack, it uses today's technology for a smoother steering feel. The all new construction ensures extended life far superior to rebuilt units.


  • Ratio is three turns lock to lock with 6.25" travel. 
  • The pinion shaft length is customized to 7.50" length for better clearance than the original.
  • Input shaft spline size is 3/4"-48.
  • Overall rack length is 41.00"; inner end center distance (pivot points) is 24.00".

Pinion: 7.5"

Ratio: 15:1 Quick Ratio

Length: 41.7"

Finish: Black

Shipping Weight: 8lbs.

Shipping Dimensions: 47” x 9” x 9”

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