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The Big Switch with Removable Key

Part No.: FR1009

Warranty: 3 Years


Product Specifications Sheets for All Battery Disconnect Switches

The Big Switch Product Specifications Sheets

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The Big Switch with removable laser cut, stainless steel key enhances the security and safety features available with the Big Switch. This unit is rated at 250 amps continuous service and 2500 amps for 5 second intervals (12V / 24V) It is a heavy duty, waterproof switch. The removable key feature is ideal for construction, farm equipment and passenger cars. An absolutely essential theft deterrent.

Note: Terminals on battery disconnect switch are a live part of the electrical system and should be treated just like battery terminals. Covers are recommended, but not included. Contact vehicle manufacturer to determine proper placement and suitability to your application.

Shipping Weight: 3lbs.

Shipping Dimensions: 9” x 8” x 8”

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The Big Switch with Removable Key - FR1009 - 584 - 5469