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Microsteer Electric Power Steering

Part No.: FR40200


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Flaming River is now offering Microsteer universal Electric Power Assisted Steering system. It can be easily fitted to virtually any vehicle, without the need to change steering rack or fit a hydraulic system where manual steering currently exists. 

The unique Microsteer Tuning Box allows you to adjust the amount of assistance by using a rotary potentiometer or, if you prefer, you can make the system speed sensitive by connecting a wheel speed signal to the Tuning Box. A mode selection switch on the box allows you to choose your preferred method, manual or wheel speed.

If you have no wheel speed sensor on the vehicle, we recommend purchasing a Hall effect type sensor. This is not included in the kit and would need to be purchased separately. The input and output shafts of the Microsteer unit are 11/16”-36.


The Microsteer kit includes:

• Motor/Gearbox (MGU)

• Electronic Control Unit (ECU)

• Tuning Box

• Wiring Harness

Choose yoke dimensions from the drop-down menus on our u-joint pages.


11/16"-36 x 3/4" DD FR1783DD (Billet)

11/16"-36 x 3/4" DD FR1948 (Coupler)

You can order U-Joints here:



Shipping Weight: 6lbs.

Shipping Dimensions: 6”

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