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Battery Relocation Kit

Part No.: FR1060

Warranty: 1 Year


Product Specifications Sheets for All Battery Disconnect Switches

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Flaming River has introduced a new battery relocation kit. The 20 foot 1/0 gauge positive cable and 8 foot 1/0 gauge ground cable are flexible, soft, and easy to work with. The cables are rated for 250 amps and have more than 4,700 ultra-fine strands for low resistance and flexibility. "No crimp" ends simplify the installation process and all hardware is included for an easy install.


Kit Contains:

  • 20 feet of red 1/0 gauge ultra-flexible positive cable
  • 8 feet of black 1/0 gauge ultra-flexible ground cable
  • (12) cable clamps and (12) self-tapping hex drive sheet metal screws to mount the cable to the vehicle
  • (12) plastic cable ties to secure the installation
  • (6) heavy duty “no crimp” cable ends
  • (1) negative battery clamp terminal
  • (1) positive battery clamp terminal
  • (6) waterproof heat shrink sleeves to seal the cable ends

Shipping Weight: 6lbs.

Shipping Dimensions: 12” x 12” x 12”

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Battery Relocation Kit - FR1060 - 584 - 5960